Carbon60 Networks’ Ryan Smyth on Leadership's Role in Customer Experience

“To me customer experience means looking at your business from the eyes of your customer as opposed to from the eyes of those working within the business. It’s about understanding what a customer goes through when they do business with us and how we can make it easier. Customer experience is constantly evolving and often relative to what our competition is doing because if we don’t continue to improve the experience for the customer, they are going to go somewhere else.” - Ryan Smyth, CFO at Carbon60 Networks

This pretty much sums up the essentials of customer experience, doesn't it?

Ryan Smyth is the CFO of Carbon60 and a thought leader in the SaaS space. He possesses a goldmine of experience when it comes to developing teams that are focussed on delivering exceptional CX.

In this episode of One-to-One, he chats with us about the impact of a great manager and how to approach coaching and training.

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Take a look at some nuggets of advice he doled out during the conversation

Align all functions in your organization to support the frontline

Prioritizing CX is key today as customers have so many different choices. They are going to choose to do business with you only if you provide them with an impactful customer experience. Your ultimate goal should be to create such an experience that customers don’t do business with you because they have to; they do it because they want to. To get to that stage, you have to empower your frontline to be a critical driver in that exchange.

Focus on hiring the right people

It’s your frontline employees who ultimately leave a lasting impression on your customer base. Customer-centricity is easier to develop in the staff members who enjoy interacting with different people. That’s the one trait you should keep in mind when hiring frontline leaders in your organization. Also, look for folks with a balanced perspective – those who can simultaneously handle multiple responsibilities. While hiring for senior roles, look for people with a varied skillset that can fill the gaps that currently exist at your company’s leadership level.

Put more efforts into designing your training programs

It is not just about who you hire but also about how you invest in them. You need to revamp your training programs by taking into context how the industry is working and ensure these trainings are provided at all levels of the organization. Another strategy could also be to build incentives into training programs so that managers are bought into training their frontline teams in a way that betters the overall customer experience.

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