Why This 42-Store U.S. Cellular Authorized Agent Revamped Their Customer Outreach

July 22, 2019 Alex Bramos

Implementing new tools and technology can be a huge challenge. Not only do you have to make the time for proper employee training, you also have to check in to make sure everyone "gets it" — and if they don't, you need to work with them until they do.

Premier Locations, a U.S. Cellular Authorized Agent, found themselves in this exact situation. The entire outreach process lacked efficiency, and as a result, they could not get their sales associates excited about customer outreach. 

In this on-demand webinar, co-hosted by iQMetrix, Evan Shelton, Regional Enterprise Manager at Premier Locations, explains:

  • Why they decided to refresh their outreach program
  • How they got sales associates to fall in love with customer outreach
  • The importance of empowering managers to coach their teams to success


The challenge Premier Locations was facing

Premier Locations is dedicated to providing the best wireless products and services, along with customer service in the industry. When a customer enters one of their wireless stores, they are greeted by a friendly, knowledgeable associate who is there to assist them in selecting the wireless products and services that are right for them.

Like so many other stores, however, the customer relationship ended the second they stepped out of the store.

Premier was struggling with their customer outreach program. Their ambition to run high-performing, high-converting customer outreach was being held back by the technology they were using. 

After careful analysis, four areas for improvement were identified:

  1. Campaign and hit list creation was largely a manual process with high potential for inaccuracies
  2. Associates found the existing technology difficult to use with limited resources for support 
  3. There was no bulletproof method of tracking associate activity and productivity
  4. Confidently tracking ROI and GP was nearly impossible

They knew there had to be a better way, so they turned to Statflo for help.

What Premier leveraged to address the areas for improvement

Using a combination of Smart Lists™, Conversations™, Audit™, and Statflo's white-glove approach to customer success, Premier Locations saw an almost-immediate improvement in the results of their customer outreach. 

Our engagement with Statflo is still in its infancy and we've already achieved some amazing results.

- Evan Shelton, Regional Enterprise Manager, Premier Locations

The results of personalized customer outreach using the Statflo approach

Given Statflo's unique ability to pull transactional data from RQ, Premier was able to eliminate any manual data entry and guess work related to campaign and list creation. The outreach workflow shrunk from six steps to just one. 

With the help of transparent reporting, Premier associates had greater insight into the results of their efforts. They no longer felt like they were doing something just to keep busy. They were able to message customers, create warm relationships, drive store traffic, and ultimately earn more money. 

I've actually had associates tell me they've been able to go through an entire Smart List™ and text all of their accounts within 15 to 30 minutes.

Premier was already running a customer outreach program, so they had a baseline expectation of achieving a stronger-than-usual ROI. At the height of the rollout, they achieved a record 26x ROI and their associates managed to speak to about 25% of customers through personalized messaging.

We needed a high ROI with Statflo in order for it to be a smart investment for us, and I'm happy to report that we not only met but exceeded that milestone. 

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