6 Simple Ways To Empower Your Frontline Reps Right Now

Patrick Antinozzi

empower frontline retail reps

As a retailer, your frontline sales reps are your most important asset. In order for them to succeed in their role, you need to empower them with the right tools, resources and culture.

Here are 6 simple ways you can empower your frontline reps right now.

Immersive training

What's your onboarding process like? How many pages do your new reps have to read upon arrival on their first day?

Hopefully, nearly none.

Make your training immersive. Make it fun. Make it come to life. Use video extensively. Have your current team members share their strategies and best practices with the newbies 1 on 1.

We asked our users to send us super short videos of their experiences using Statflo, and the response was amazing.

You can do something similar with your team of reps. Little tidbits of knowledge that are easily digestible and instantly shareable.

Speaking of which...

Easy exchange of knowledge

Are you still using email to communicate amongst your team? I really hope that answer is no.

Young workers want instant and fluid communication. Messaging is by far the most common form of communication in our modern world because it offers just that.

Invest in communication platforms that allow employees to easily share knowledge with each other and streamline interactions with their customers.

(Psst, we're big believers in Slack.)

empower frontline retail reps

Nurture independence

It's no secret that millennials are very different from past generations. While many are quick to point out their flaws and weaknesses, we prefer to focus on the overwhelming positives of this often misunderstood generation.

Millennials aren't interested in your old school management styles. They want the opportunity to take charge, and succeed while doing it.

So give them that chance.

Empower your reps with the tools and resources they need to be your most influential advocates. Stop micro-managing.

Assisted selling

Knowledge is power, and that's never been more true than in retail.

Your reps require on-demand information to reduce obstacles in your customer's buying experience.

For example, Apple reps never travel to the stock room to check on whether they have that Jet Black 64GB iPhone 7+ their customer just asked about. They use their tablet to message a worker in the stock room, who then brings the phone out to them. The rep never leaves the customer's side.

This eliminates the risk of the customer leaving while the rep heads to the back to look for that phone.

Use tools that reduce buying obstacles and assist your reps in selling.

empower frontline retail reps

Customer relationship dashboards

No, the CRM is not dead. It's just evolved significantly.

A customer relationship dashboard will help your reps organize their customer's preferences, purchase history, and behavioral habits to ensure a seamless experience across all channels.

Of course, this dashboard is only as good as the data that is being fed into it. Ensure that data is rich, reliable, and super useful.

Automate the tedium

This one is a biggie, and often the most overlooked.

Retail businesses have got into this bad habit of keeping their sales reps busy during idle time by having them perform tedious tasks, such as cleaning and stock management.

This is a big mistake.

Instead, automate these tiny tasks and free up your reps' time to perform more critical assignments, like selling.

There are plenty of tools that can manage your stock inventory for you, but how do you automate something like cleaning?

Hire a cleaner. (seriously)

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