Why Pokemon Go is Now the Most Powerful Marketing Tool in Retail

Patrick Antinozzi


pokemon go retail make money

They're everywhere.

They're in the park, at the library, your local bar, even in your own backyard.

And you can't even see them.

That is, unless you have a smart phone and a particular pocket monster hunting app.

I'm talking, of course, about Pokemon Go, the game currently taking the entire world by storm.

For those living under a rock locked inside a nuclear shelter at the bottom of the sea, Pokemon Go is a new game unlike any other. The app allows you to catch virtual Pokemon located in the real world around you.

pokemon go augmented reality

It utilizes a technology called augmented reality. It's not the first time it has been used in a mobile game, but it is definitely the most effective and enjoyable one to date.

The proof of this can be found in the insane amount of people who have downloaded it already.

In just over a week, Pokemon Go racked up more users than Twitter, and received higher engagement than Facebook.

Like anything else that gains instant popularity and mass adoption, the first thing people try to figure out is how they can profit off it themselves.

And people got super creative with it.

Pokemon Go represents the biggest marketing opportunity for retailers in years

What makes this new app so much more valuable than any of your other marketing tools?

Unlike most video games, Pokemon Go requires actual movement to accomplish missions and tasks. You control the movement of your character through your own movement.

The creatures you need to catch, the trainers you fight, and the gyms you workout at are all located in real-world locations.

These locations are randomly placed throughout your area, and can be located via the app's built-in map.

pokemon go make money retail

See the opportunity yet?

Chances are very good that your retail store is located near one of these crucial Pokemon locations. Which means you will have people flocking to your location to play the game.

And when I say flocking, I mean it.

There are stories all over the world of hundreds, even thousands of people converging on one location to play. Children's playgrounds are literally being overrun with herds of adults.

On top of this, the game actually allows you to purchase "lures", which increase the rarity and frequency of Pokemon appearing at your location.

The smart businesses are catching on, and coming up with some very creative ways to convert these gamers into customers.

  • Local pubs are offering discounted drinks and free t-shirts to Pokemon battle victors.
  • Ice cream shops are giving away custom Pokebadges as rewards to players.
  • People have setup mobile charging stations at Pokemon hot spots.
  • Young entrepreneurs have even got in on it, placing lemonade stands and offering treats while people play on location.

Sensing a common theme here?

It's all about the foot traffic

pokemon go crowd

The number one concern for retailers is finding ways to get people to come to you. All of your marketing efforts point to that one goal.

What other marketing channel you are currently using can drive that kind of foot traffic in such a short period of time?

TV? Radio? Social media? None of it comes close.

And the beauty of augmented reality is that the tech doesn't remove the human component, it compliments it.

This game uses tech to enhance the world around you, not replace it. It fosters genuine human interaction by having its users converge on real-world locations to meet and play.

That human connection can be the beginning of a beautiful customer relationship. So get creative with it, and have fun!

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