3 Ways to Double Your Sales in 2019


1. Kill "Head Trash"

Address the doubts in your team's head. Use video and daily reminders to crush those doubts before they come up. The ones that tell them "I can't do it. I'm not cut out for this."

Replace doubts with opportunity. Change the conversation by showing them examples of how customers appreciate their efforts to reach out or to provide a concierge experience.

Stop it before it spreads. Doubts are more contagious than a winter cold. It kills you team's mood, momentum, and productivity. Not only will coworkers catch it, but so will customers.

2. Show, don't tell

Address the doubts in your team's head.Use video and daily reminders to crush those doubts beUse video and daily stand-ups to teach. Training on soft skills like posture, tone, poise, active listening, and 40 other points of speech will improve conversion and attachment rates.

Simulate. Train your team to simulate real-world objections to prepare them for a great sales day. The more they practice, the more confident they'll be and customers will detect it.

Use best practices. Statflo has built a library of hundreds of techniques that can be used to train B2B reps, retail reps, and management to improve sales. A recent rollout of our training grew a dealer's Black Friday sales 44% YoY. It works.


3. Turn downtime into uptime

Don't be okay with it. Every store has time when customers are not in-store, and we fill it often by cleaning, doing inventory or other non-selling tasks. This is crazy expensive, and kills your team's productivity and momentum.

Fill it with solid outreach. Every day, more than 50 customers could be followed up with proactively, per store. From welcome touchpoints, to thank you's, to tips on how to use a camera on a new phone to proactive appointment booking. There is nearly an uncapped earning opportunity if your team leverages this time.

Use messaging when possible. Statflo has built the industry's only compliant 1:1 outbound messaging tool that can start hundreds of conversations per hour with built-in scripting and best practices. It's a method that's more convenient to customers and makes a follow up phone call less scary for reps (or even unnecessary). 

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