Second Sentiment Analysis During COVID-19

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Consumer uncertainty is starting to set in
With unemployment rates continuing to soar in the US and Canada, consumer emotions are becoming increasingly volatile.
In this week's sentiment analysis report, it's clear that wireless retailers need to show their human side. With expressions of sadness and anger soaring since our last report, it's more important as ever to be an anchor in the communities you serve. Be there to help, not sell.

Second sentiment analysis during COVID-19

[See the full report]: Consumer sentiment in wireless retail.

Takeaways in this week's report
1. Response rates are down but still on par with previous periods in 2020:
Despite a near 25% decrease in response rates, we're happy to report that response rates are similar to what we've seen in early March, February, and January.
Tip on how to increase your response rate: Approach every conversation with a service mindset. Let your customers know that you are an essential service and you are ready to accommodate their needs.
2. Purchase intent has not been affected:
This week's report saw a marginal change in purchase intent (<1% reduction) which indicates that consumers still want to transact with retailers. This also validates the fact that wireless retailers are essential right now.
Tip on how to stimulate purchase intent: Let your customers know that your stores are still open (perhaps with reduced store hours). Rather than inviting them in-store, be proactive in suggesting alternative ways of initiating and completing a purchase (videoconference, phone call, text message, online portal, etc.). Don't assume your customers know your hours of operation - especially now. Ultimately, purchases may be put off until it's safe to come back into your stores but at least you can keep your customers warm until then.
3. Your customers are sad and angry - be there to help: 
Since last period, expressions of sadness and anger have skyrocketed by 185% and 29%, respectively. This is to be expected given mass layoffs, economic instability, and overall uncertainty around the duration of COVID-19. Expect your customers to be short, less expressive, and generally less responsive.
Tip on how to serve sad or angry customers: Remember that your customers are not sad or angry because of you. But, as one of the few essential services in your community, it's your responsibility to show some empathy and provide help - even if that means deviating from the usual wireless service provider talking points. Ask about their health, their families, or their overall well-being. Suggest popular apps to help them stay connected with their friends and family. Just be a friend.
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