Third Sentiment Analysis During COVID-19

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Retailers favor "check in" messages over promotional messages
Pre-COVID-19, a retailer's outreach strategy was largely anchored in sharing promotions, discounts, and incentives to encourage a transaction. Over the last week, however, we've seen a drastic change of tone in conversation between our customers and their customers.
In this week's sentiment analysis report, wireless retailers are doing outreach to simply "check in" and make sure their customers are safe and have the proper setup to stay connected to their families and friends.
Short on time? Here are the cliff notes:
1. Expressions of love and gratitude have soared nearly 55%
Retailers are starting to favor “check in” messages to their customers over promotional or sales-based messages. As a result, consumers have overwhelmingly responded with expressions of love and positivity. Here's a real reply:
“Hi [redacted]. Nice to hear from you, thanks for reaching out. Hope all is well with you and that you're staying healthy. We are doing OK and it's nice to know we can reach you if we need anything about our phones. Thanks again for reaching out. Stay well and wash your hands a lot.”
2. Response rates continue to slip but replies are far more expressive
While response rates are slowly slipping to January - February 2020 rates, consumers who do engage with retailers are more expressive in their replies. This is a real reply:
Well I am surprised!! It looked like a ghost town there so I just kept going! You must be bored silly so I will stop in maybe tomorrow or Saturday if you are there! I headed out yesterday to get a few essentials so is there anything that I can bring to you??? Keep the faith 🤗🧻🧻😔😔😔💨💨
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