[On-Demand Webinar] The State of Customer Outreach in Wireless Retail

Operators and wireless retailers continue to rely on customer outreach programs to drive more store traffic, grow sales with their existing base, and provide memorable experiences for their customers.

Understanding where your outreach program is meeting, exceeding, or coming up short will help you focus your coaching efforts and resources on the right areas and adopt a winning outreach strategy.

So, to address this requirement, we teamed up with iQmetrix and surveyed 140 wireless professionals to help you answer this one simple question:

“So, how well is our customer outreach program performing compared to the rest of the industry?”

We recently hosted a webinar to give you a glimpse into the data we collected. We explored topics like sales revenue attributed to outreach, budgets, compensation plans, as well as winning (and losing) communication channels.

Short on time? Here are the 3 main takeaways:

1. The Power of Prioritizing Outreach: Our data suggests that those who prioritize customer outreach as a primary driver of their sales strategy attribute twice as much sales revenue to their programs. They are also more optimistic about the overall performance of their business over the next 12 months.

2. More Investment in Outreach is Needed: 60% of wireless operators and retailers expect to increase their budgets for customer outreach in 2020. Nevertheless, less than half have compensation plans directly tied to outreach. Even those businesses that do incentivize outreach activity, satisfaction scores with compensation are only average across leadership, field management, and the front-line.

3. Messaging is the Winning Channel:  91% of our data set are already using some form of messaging in their outreach programs and 46% predict messaging to be the most successful channel in 2020. Customers and front-line retail staff have similar preferences when it comes to outreach; customers avoid phone calls from unknown numbers and retail staff fear making “cold calls”. For these reasons, messaging is a logical medium for outreach.


Download the full benchmark report on customer outreach in the wireless industry

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