Pono Learning's Dave Snyder on managing uncertainty as a sales leader (part 2)

In part 2 of Dave Snyder's interview on One-to-One, he digs into what your employees expect from you as a sales leader and how to maintain a thriving culture despite working from home.

He also explains the very deep meaning behind the name of his company, Pono Learning, and how the company came to be.

Looking for part 1 of Dave's interview? See it here.


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The biggest takeaway: Curtail any negative dialogue with Frequent Check Ins

Now more than ever, your sales team is looking to you for positivity, recognition, and guidance. Hold daily sales huddles at the start and end of the day to celebrate wins, address any concerns, and firmly establish a sense of positivity with your team.

"Right now, with this uncertainty, a pat on the back is going to go further than it's ever gone"

As a sales leader, you have to expect your team is catastrophizing everything. So, it's your responsibility to preempt any negative thoughts that detract from their morale and their mental health. 

Pono Learning's Dave Snyder On Managing Uncertainty As A Sales Leader (Part 2)

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