Spotlight Series: Using One-to-One Messaging with Next Generation Wireless

Next Generation Wireless is an authorized U.S. Cellular Agent with stores spanning across Iowa and Illinois. Formed in 2001, their success can be attributed to the leadership team’s dedication to their customers and meeting their demands for convenience and value.

Listen to how Next Generation Wireless uses Statflo to drive sales and communicate with customers remotely

Statflo’s Customer Success Manager, Jacqueline Olson, recently had a chat with Derek Lindstrom, Area Sales Manager at Next Generation Wireless, to get a behind-the-scenes look at how they use Statflo to drive sales and communicate with their customers remotely.


When there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the pandemic, Derek and his team were proactive about changes that made immediate sense but then waited to assess the impact of those changes before taking further decisions. Their balanced approach helped them bounce back from the initial trough within a few weeks.

Here are the top 4 takeaways from our discussion with Derek

1. Put the comfort of your customers above everything else

Think about the comfort and safety of customers. If the customer is not comfortable coming to your store, how can you safely meet them where they are instead? Here’s how Next Generation Wireless got creative with Statflo:

Derek used Statflo as a non-intrusive way to engage in dialogue and get conversations going remotely. The conversations began by sales associates sending a text message to their customers using Statflo’s Chat Starters to ask them if they needed any assistance. The sales team used those conversations as an opportunity to inform customers about their latest service offerings like curbside pickup.

Once the customers responded, the associate would give them a call to get a better idea of their requirements. By the time the customers completed all the formalities and came to the store, the store would have everything set up for them. This way, they would be out of the store in less than 5 minutes.

2. Store traffic might be down, but purchase intent is up

Like most retailers, less people might be visiting your stores, but those who do come in, are qualified buyers with a high likelihood of purchase. According to Derek, 50 to 75% of the people walking through Next Generation Wireless doors are coming in to buy something. If people are venturing out of the safe confines of their homes, they are doing so to get what they need, so be sure your associates are trained to capitalize on these in-store opportunities.

3. Focus on getting the message out

You might be implementing a ton of measures at your stores to make your associates and your customers' feel safe. But what’s the use if your customers don’t know about them? You need to find the right way to get your message out to the customers and keep them updated about everything that you are doing to make shopping at your store convenient for them.

“Statflo plays a big part in the non-intrusive conversations we have with our customers. With Statflo, we can get in touch with 100 plus customers in under an hour. It's a great way to reach out to people to promote new things we have going on our side. It helps us to get the message out to our customers as quickly as possible without being obnoxious.” - Derek Lindstrom

4. Convenience is the key in retail

Going forward, you need to figure out ways to increase the efficiency of current provisions like curbside pickup to make the shopping experience even more convenient for your customers. Curbside pickup will drive more sales, especially during the holiday season when it gets very busy. Those are the times when the customers either complain about having to wait for hours in the queue or they just don’t come at all. With curbside pickup, all they have to do is come to the store, pick up their product, and be on their way.

Perceived convenience is going to be the deciding factor in whether customers walk into your store or or your competitor's down the street.


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