Introducing the One-to-One Podcast

Why are we starting a podcast?

Simple. We meet great people whose stories are worth sharing.

We call the new show "The One-to-One Podcast" and -- true to its name -- it’s one-to-one conversations with leaders in customer experience (CX) who have done some pretty cool things in their careers. 

We wanted to talk to people who have a unique take on what a winning CX strategy looks like but who can also provide real-life examples and success stories that others can learn from. The One-to-One Podcast is a celebration of these leaders, their teams, and their obsession with customer-centricity.

So, who are these guests?

Retail within regulated industries is where we play so naturally, we found guests in this category. They could be executives of large technology companies, investors in the tech scene, or retailers with hundreds of stores nationwide. 

They all put their customers at the heart and center of their business...and it paid dividends.

For example, Brice Scheschuk, Co-Founder of Wind Mobile (now Freedom Mobile), the Canadian equivalent of a telco disrupter like T-Mobile or Metro PCS, shared his epic journey of growing Wind Mobile from zero to a 10-figure exit,


Brice Scheschuk on how everything relates to CX


Where can I find the podcast?

We officially launch March 9th but until then, you can subscribe to get early access to a few episodes.

Upon launch, you can find us on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, or any other of your favorite podcast apps. We'll even have videos of each episode on our YouTube channel.

If you're short on time, we'll also publish episode recaps with cliff notes here on our blog.


Introducing the One-to-One Podcast. Sign up to our pre-launch group to get exclusive access to episodes before they go live,

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