In 2016: Eliminate Buying Obstacles For Your Customers

Patrick Antinozzi

Simplifying and streamlining your customer experience will be more crucial than ever in 2016. The rise of the on-demand economy, combined with the fall of our attention spans, means that keeping buyers on the straight path to purchasing your product is a huge challenge.

Reducing the length of that path, and eliminating obstacles along the way, will undoubtedly increase your conversion rate and make your customer experience all the more enjoyable.

What do I mean by eliminate obstacles?

3 Great Examples of Eliminating Obstacles For Your Customers

Always on the cutting edge of technology, pizza delivery companies are always looking for ways to simplify their customer experience. What's simpler than pushing a button to order your favorite pizza? Domino's has created an Easy Order button. Simply enter your address and favorite order details on Domino's website once and, from that point on, all you have to do to order it is push the button. It's so simple that you can go from craving to ordering in less than 5 seconds.

That moment when you arrive at your favorite coffee shop on the way to work, but the line stretches out the door. Starbucks recently released something that removes this obstacle, a mobile app that lets you place your drink order before you get to Starbucks, allowing you to skip the line entirely. Early trials have proven this sales method to be a huge success, so look for more companies to follow suit in 2016.

Facebook, in it's never ending quest to own everything you do online with your friends, has launched a new feature in its Messenger app. Now, you can order a ride from Uber without ever leaving the app

Our aim is to be everywhere and if you want to be everywhere, 700 million monthly actives [on Messenger] who are by definition communicating with more than one person is a sweet spot for us.

- Emil Michael, Senior VP at Uber

What's simpler for customers than being everywhere? Uber wants to be your one stop source for transportation. Any time you need to get somewhere, in any context, Uber will be just a tap of the screen away.

When is the last time you took a good, hard look at your customer experience? If you haven't already, 2016 is the year to do so. Identify any potential buying obstacles for your customers, and eliminate them.

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