How to Write a Killer Job Description That Attracts Millennial Workers

Patrick Antinozzi

Recruiting a superstar team starts with attracting the right people.

You don’t want to be wasting time further down the line on someone who isn’t a good fit for your business, and could have been weeded out in the beginning.

As a retailer, the majority of your sales team will comprise of millennials, so it makes sense that your recruiting strategy should focus primarily on their needs.

Here’s how millennials are often described:

  • Lazy, self-absorbed, and entitled.
  • They expect the world, and don't want to work for it.
  • Narcissistic, vain, and void of any ambition.
  • They injure themselves chasing Pokemon outside

Contrary to popular opinion, millennials are actually great. They just do things differently.

If you take a step back, you'll start to understand them better. Retailers who have awesome retention rates of their young workers seem to understand some key things about this generation:

  1. They want to be given autonomy and trust.
  2. They expect feedback immediately, not just once a quarter.
  3. They want to use tools that feel new, engaging and fast.
  4. They grew up with the Internet around them, and generally are more tech-savvy. They harness this.
  5. They want the "why" for the "what" they need to do.
  6. They have short attention spans. It's an issue. But it also means they can adapt quickly. And they know how younger customers feel/behave.
  7. They weren't taught how to hunt for sales or qualify leads, but their resourcefulness helps them learn and excel.

write retail job description

How to write a killer job description that'll have young people begging to join you

When writing the description for your job opening, don’t list it all in a bullet-point formatted list. You need to add some style and flair to grab these short attention spans.

Here are some ways to attract millennial workers with a great job description and application process:

Use a conversational tone

Instead of overused buzzwords and cliches, try more natural language. Picture yourself sitting across from the person you’re interviewing, and write like you would speak.

Ask about their “extracurriculars”

Nunchuck skills are cool but, more importantly, they tend to imply the candidate is well-rounded. Ask what your applicants are passionate about. Hobbies, activities, and side-hustles are all good indicators of motivated individual.

Be clear and concise

Millennials predominantly use search engines and social media to search for jobs, so you want to ensure your job postings are SEO friendly.

Don’t even think about using words like “ninja”, “rockstar”, or “guru”. These are generic buzzwords that were once used to attract a younger workforce, but now are nauseating to read. Millennials will see it as patronizing, insulting, and a lame attempt to seem cool.

Get creative

Companies everywhere are trying all sorts of creative strategies to recruit workers. Many have even used Snapchat with great success. Don’t be afraid to try new strategies. It shows your company is bold and forward-thinking, two things millennials love.

Ask your team

Recruiting through referrals is still one of the best ways to find top talent. When your employees work with people they know and like, it increases the odds they’ll stick around longer. This will help reduce employee churn.

Use social media

You know the old saying: “go where your customers are”. In this case, we’re talking about potential employee candidates. Post your job openings on all your social media channels, and use targeted ads to reach your specific audience.

Maintain your online presence

We recommend having an account with The site allows employees to rate their experiences with companies. It’s particularly important for retailers. If your retail business
isn’t on there at all, it’s often considered a red flag.

What a great retail sales job description looks like:

write retail job description

write retail job description

This particular example comes from T-Mobile, and it's pretty much perfect.

Big branding, great storytelling, clear responsibilities and rewards, and just the right amount of humor.

Millennials are often called the "worst generation", just like every other generation that has come before them. The truth is, they're just different. People like to complain. (trust me, I'm fantastic at it)

Use these tips to attract the young, energetic, and motivated employees your retail business so desperately needs.

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