How to Use Linkedin and Snapchat to Recruit Retail Sales Superheroes

Patrick Antinozzi

Building a superstar retail team is hard work.

At this point, you probably know that it’s not enough to simply write a killer job description and wait for the applicants to come flooding in.

And, even after you train your new hires impeccably, you have to spend a great deal of time and energy on retaining them and keeping them happy and productive.

When it comes to recruiting in this day and age, the same rule applies. You’ve got to be more proactive. And certain social media tools afford you the opportunity to do just that.


linkedin recruiting

Using InMail effectively

An InMail is your first touch. It’s your one and only opportunity to hook the candidate. Invest the effort needed into constructing a great message.

  • Never include a job description in an InMail. Remember, your objective is to get their attention, start a conversation, and attract them enough to secure an interview.
  • Always put a personal touch in the subject line that indicates that you’re reaching out to that person specifically, and not sending some bulk message to dozens of people. Include their name, their company name, their industry, something specific to that person.
  • Don’t copy and paste your message. If you’re going to use a template, make sure you customize it each time to personalize the message.
  • Keep it short and sweet. Nobody wants to find an unsolicited essay in their InMail inbox.
  • Get right to the point. Your first paragraph should contain something specific about that person. This will make it clear that they’re not receiving a “spray and pray” message that was sent to hundreds of others as well.

Join and engage with Groups

Find Linkedin groups in your retail niche and engage with the other group members, Over time, you will start to see some stand out with their insight and expertise.

Linkedin Recruiter

Recruiter is Linkedin’s paid recruiting tool. It offers a full suite of features including:

  • Guided searches
  • Advanced recruiting filters 
  • Expanded InMail capabilities
  • InMail templates
  • Recruiting pipeline management

Advertise your job openings

Set up a pay-per-click campaign and target specific segments, such as “Sales Associates and Store Managers based in (your city) in the Retail industry.

This will narrow down your audience to a few hundred people and only they will see your ad. The smaller the target group, the less clicks, meaning more qualified candidates.

Recruit your network

Share a post with your connections talking about the job opening, and get them to spread the word for you through likes and shares.           


snapchat recruiting

Yep, that’s right. Snapchat. 10 second video applications are the all the rage these days. Remember, you’ve got to find and engage with your ideal candidates in their natural environments, and millennials love their Snapchat.

Snapchat job applications require an incredible amount of creativity and personality, two qualities you want in all of your retail associates.

Create a custom filter

Design a custom filter for your company, and have applicants use it in their snaps to apply.

Use location geofencing

Snapchat allows you to use location-based marketing. You can select a specific area near your stores to push the filter to, specifically encouraging locals to apply.

Tell them what you want to see

They’ve only got 10 secs to record a great video, so they better make it count. Be clear about what you’d like to see in those 10 secs


Tools are only as good as how you use them. (Ever try to build a bookshelf with a nail clipper?)

Sure, you could just use Linkedin as a professional news source, and Snapchat as a way to share Augmented Reality puppy faces with your crush.

OR, you can dare to think outside the box a little, and try out some new recruiting strategies that are already showing promising results with your competitors.

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