Globalive's Brice Scheschuk on Simplicity in Customer Experience

"You don't wake up in the morning having graduated university and start a facilities-based wireless company."

Thankfully for the Canadian market, a scrappy duo out of Toronto went against this logic and capitalized on an opportunity that no one else even saw.

Brice Scheschuk and his partner, Anthony Lacavera, co-founded Wind Mobile (now known as Freedom Mobile) and took on giants in the Canadian wireless market. They positioned themselves as "the honest brokers" with transparency in their pricing, great data plans, and a fundamental belief in putting their customers at the center of every decision. In the first episode of One-to-One, Brice shares his roller-coaster story of starting Wind Mobile and how he punched above his weight in a stagnant telco market.

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Short on time? Here are some takeaways:

1) Frame your brand proposition with your customers in mind

Brice knew that the only way to have a fighting chance in an oligopolistic telco market was to bring epic change. Before launching, they created a sounding board for consumers to voice their frustrations with carriers and then used that data to form their service offering and their go-to-market strategy.

2) Be flexible

Rigid thinking leads to nowhere fast. When Wind first launched, they thought they could compete with no device subsidies. Unfortunately, they were missing 85% of the addressable wireless market. After some tough conversations with their investors, they reshuffled their business plan, launched device subsidies, and doubled sales.

3) "Happy staff, happy customers"

Corporate is classically at odds with the front-line. However, the front-line interacts with your customers day-in and day-out so it's important they are heard, recognized, and acknowledged. To preempt the "ivory tower mindset", Brice made every corporate employee do a shift in a retail store. It can be a jarring experience for some but it shows how serious you are with customer experience.

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