Cell Plus II is Warming Up Wisconsin With Beautiful Customer Experiences

Patrick Antinozzi

cell plus ii review

Wisconsin is cooolllllddd, man. But you don't see Wisconsiners (Wisconsites?) complaining about it.

Maybe that's partly to do with the incredibly warm customer service they're getting at Cell Plus II.

Cell Plus II is US Cellular Authorized Dealer based, obviously, in Wisconsin. They had their humble beginnings "in a small, one-room store in Baraboo's historic downtown over twenty-one years ago."

Sine then, they have grown to 8 locations across the state.

What exactly do customers love so much about the service Cell Plus II offers?

cell plus ii review

Daena likes them small.

And you know what? She's not alone.

Many consumers have grown tired of the big box, all-in-one retailers. They're overwhelming, impersonal, and make you feel like a calf in a herd of cattle.

The "shop local" movement is growing. People are looking for opportunities to give their money to the local "mom and pop" shop instead of Walmart.

The team at Cell Plus II embraced their smallness, making Daena feel like a valued customer. One that would be missed if she were to leave.

Lesson learned: Embrace your smallness. It's one of your biggest advantages. Whether or not you're based in a small town, you can still offer the personal touch so many consumers are craving.

cell plus ii review

What's the #1 goal of your role in customer service?

No, not to sell things.

Solving problems. That's what you're here for.

A customer can always sense a pushy salesmen. Those types of sales reps are not interested in solving the problems of their customers, they're concerned about meeting their sales quota.

Blythe never got that impression from Cell Plus II. She could tell that they were more concerned with fixing her phone and getting her what she needed, nothing more.

This great experience left her wanting more, and it looks like she'll will be coming back to see them to get a new battery.

Lesson learned: Solve your customer's problems by putting yourselves in their shoes. Be honest, build trust, and foster a strong customer relationship.

Daena and Blythe aren't alone either. Google and Yelp are full of glowing reviews of the service customers are receiving from Cell Plus II.

cell plus II review

One of the most important ways to build trust with your customers is to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. A though leader, if you will.

And what's a great way tot do that? Teach.

Cell Plus II offers full workshops for both iOS and Android devices. They'll teach you how to make the most of your fancy pocket computer.

The best part? They're all completely free.

cell plus ii review

That folks, is how it's done.

You might be thinking, "Why offer this for free?"

Again, it's about the long-term goal. Sure, you may be able to get some people to pay a few bucks for these courses, but that's not the objective here.

By offering free knowledge and training, Cell Plus II establishes themselves as experts in their industry, and professionals that can be trusted to solve all of your future problems.

It's about building long-term relationships with customers, and this is great way to start.

Learn from the best

If you're in Wisconsin, it sounds like you've got a great partner to meet all of your mobile needs.

And if you're in wireless retail, (or any type of retail for that matter) you have a great example to follow when it comes to building awesome customer experiences.

Cell Plus II has definitely earned their spot in our wall of Customer Experience Experts.

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