AT&T's Powerful "It Can Wait" Ads Will Get You to Stop Driving Distracted

Patrick Antinozzi

at&t it can wait ad

Distracted driving is the #1 transportation safety issue in North America.

In Canada, it is now estimated to kill nearly double as many people as drunk driving. While in the US, texting and driving is the cause of 1 in 4 car accidents.

The biggest, most obvious culprit of distracted driving is your phone. We are now conditioned to receive a constant stream of information throughout our day, and that's a problem for people who spend a part of their day driving.

As the largest mobile provider in the US, AT&T is doing its part to raise awareness on the issue.

With the "It Can Wait" campaign, you can hardly even call these ads, as AT&T uses the art of short film to create stories of heartbreak and shock. These are powerful videos that elicit strong emotions from the viewer.

They started with this one a year ago, entitled "Close to Home".

"In Close to Home, we are introduced to six characters on a perfectly average day. Their lives are then irrevocably changed by the devastating consequences of a seemingly innocent glance at a phone while driving. No post is worth a life. It Can Wait." - AT&T YouTube description


Powerful, right?

Well, AT&T wasn't done there. They recently released a follow up to "Close to Home".

Entitled "The Unseen", here is the official description for the video:

"The road is full of people whose lives are at risk the second you take your eyes off the road to look at your phone. If you'd never use your phone with someone in the car, you shouldn't do it alone. You are never alone on the road. Distracted driving is never ok." - AT&T YouTube description

The ad spends a great deal of time showcasing the every day lives of a typical American family before showing how a split second decision can be disastrous.

There are few things in life that should be dealt in absolutes. When it comes to distracted driving, it's absolutely appropriate to say that it is "NEVER ok".

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