3 Yelp Reviews That Will Restore Your Faith in Wireless Customer Service

Patrick Antinozzi

dundas square eaton centre bell world 221 yonge st toronto

Store: Bell World

Carrier: Bell Mobility

Location: Eaton Centre, 220 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON

Employee: Brenda

You probably wouldn’t expect to receive a personalized customer experience at a store located in the heart of Toronto – one of the largest cities in North America. At least, that’s the belief Evelyn walked in with. Brenda from Bell World managed to change that perception.

"I was terrified this was going to be very tricky, and that some long-time-ago missed bill was going to keep this from being possible, and that it was going to be really expensive and painful.” – Evelyn A.

In less than 30 minutes, Brenda addressed all of Evelyn’s needs. She recognized that empathy was the best approach, made Evelyn feel comfortable and set her mind at ease. By asking the right questions, listening carefully, and building a relationship, Brenda instantly delivered a delightful customer experience. Plus, she showed us that something as small as allowing a customer to choose their area code can mean the difference between a mediocre interaction and a memorable one.

yelp review from evelyn a on bell world store at eaton centre in toronto

Lesson Learned: As the wireless industry evolves, so do the needs of customers. Gone are the days of a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Shoppers want unique experiences. They want to feel special. Get to know your customers needs, work to solve their problems and they will be happy to buy something from you. You may even gain a "BFF for life"!

Take Action:
How do you make your customers feel? Do they feel comfortable enough to share their needs and opinions? Do they feel valued? Are they happy with their buying decisions? Make sure they walk out with huge smiles – regardless of whether they have purchased anything or not.

rogers plus store in vancouver shows how to give excellent wireless customer service

Store: Rogers Plus

Carrier: Rogers

Location: 2097 Broadway W, Vancouver, BC

"The customer is always right", and that has never been more true than in the case of Shila.

My phone stopped working after 20 years.... they worked so hard in the shop to get it up and running....

If someone walks into your store with a product that is 20 years old, your first (and logical) reaction would be to try and sell them something new. What are the chances that you would even be able to fix something that has 20 year old technology anyway? But the staff at this Rogers store were, as the kids say, on point.

shila b yelp review of rogers plus in vancouver, excellent customer service

That phone clearly meant a lot to Shila. The staff at this store clearly recognized that, and did everything they could to fix it for her. It doesn't say whether they were successful or not, but even the effort alone was enough to convince Shila to come back to this very store when she needs to buy a new phone.

Lesson Learned: Do your best to solve your customers problems. Always. Even if you are unsuccessful, they will greatly appreciate the personal touch, and will likely return to you when they need to make their next big decision.

Take Action:
Avoid the temptation to talk too much. Often, the best way to sell to a person is to let them do most of the talking.

excellent wireless customer service from sellteck wireless in toronto

Store: Sellteck 

Location: 707 Dundas Street W Toronto, ON M5S 2P8 Canada

Want to know the biggest mistake small businesses make?

They assume that they always need to beat their competitors on price.

Sellteck in Toronto avoids making that mistake.

...while $10 more than most places, I still accepted for the convenience...overall loved his service...

Statistics  prove that customers are willing to pay more for a great experience. Convenience, knowledge, high quality products and service all factor into a buyers decision. You can see that in Addie's experience.

addie s yelp review of sellteck in toronto, excellent customer service reviews

Addie was willing to pay more for this service because her entire experience was exceptional.

Lesson Learned: Customer experience trumps all. Always look to improve and refine your customer experience, and people will be happy to give you more of their hard-earned cash.

Take Action:
Every time your business receives a negative review or reaction, ask yourself how you can improve so it doesn't happen again. Get tons of feedback from your current customers, and plug any holes in your customer experience.


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