3 Reasons Why Premier Associates Love Doing Outreach

Laurie Mckenzie

Like most retailers, Premier felt that proactive one-to-one customer outreach was essential to grow their business and stay top of mind with customers. However, they found it challenging to engage their associates in the programs they set up.

Through their partnership with Statflo, Premier Locations has evolved the way they approach outreach.

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Find out how they made their associates fall in love with outreach below.

1. Management is equipped to coach to accountability

Accountability is key to doing effective outreach, but without clear feedback and context, reps can become confused and frustrated. Premier managers have visibility into all actions done by their associates which allows them to be specific in their coaching. Associates want to succeed, and Premier has created a culture where managers are set up to show them how to.

2. Associates are empowered to take ownership

When associates can see the difference they're making to the business, they're able to own their customer relationships. Premier associates can track all the transactions that come from their messages and calls. This creates a positive feedback loop that puts them in control of the sales they drive.

3. Outreach is focused on providing warmth and value

No one likes cold calls or blast promotions. Consumers want to feel valued, and to connect with the people they work with. Premier coaches their associates to delight customers through warm one-to-one conversations that provide real value to the customer (ie. help with their devices, understanding their bills).

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