10 Ways Prepaid Retailers Can Retain Their Customers

Patrick Antinozzi

retain prepaid customers

The wireless industry is at an all-time high  of competition.

Wireless carriers are at each other's throats searching for ways to convince customers to make the switch to their network.

But acquiring customers is merely half the battle. Retaining your customers and keeping them happy is equally important, if not more so.

It's challenging enough to get your customers to keep coming back to you when they're post-paid customers committed to a contract.

But the real battles are happening in the prepaid market.

When a customer can walk into any one of your carrier's stores to top up their phone, how do you convince them to come back to you each time?

10 Ways to Keep Prepaid Customers Coming Back to You

retain prepaid customers

Be memorable

Believe in what you're saying, show genuine enthusiasm, and make conversation. Share personal details about yourself. (but don't get weird about it)

Provide real value

Remember that these customers can go to many other places and get the same product. That's why you're not selling the product, you're selling yourself. Find ways to add unique value. For example, you could curate articles that you think your customer would enjoy, and share it with them next time they come by.

Be proactive

Don't sit around and wait for people to come to you. Look for opportunities to delight and surprise, even when it's not expected. There are many channels you can find your customers on these days. Use them.

Follow up after the sale

A simple text to see how your customer is enjoying the purchase makes a big impact. It lets them know you're not done with them simply because you've made the sale.

Be an expert

Know your stuff. Sounds simple, but the wireless industry is rapidly evolving. Stay on top of news, trends, and emerging markets. Share your extensive knowledge with your customer in a valuable way. (i.e. don't brag or be arrogant)

Build a good reputation

In the online era, a bad rep can be hard to change. Monitor your online presence, and fix any potential issues. A customer left a bad review on Yelp? Find out why, and do something about it.

Get personal

Make conversation. Be genuine. Take an interest in your customer as a human being, first and foremost.

Take good notes

How else are you going to remember all of these important details? When you meet a customer, they are going to give you hints about how you could help them:

  • If they have kids, and their names or ages
  • If they are married
  • Where they might work
  • What they do for fun (ex: do they like running?)

Make a note of these things, and keep them all in a centralized place that is easy to access from anywhere.

Solve problems

If you're in retail, you've heard this one before. (at least, you should have) Focus on solving the problems your customers have, and the sales will follow naturally.

Think smaller

With our world being bigger and more connected than ever before, many are yearning for the local experience once again. Our digitally-obsessed lifestyles have nearly numbed us to human interactions. Local, human-focused businesses are making a resurgence. Get involved in your local community and make a difference.

retain prepaid customers

Above all else, keep it simple.

Many retailers over-complicate things by trying to think too far "outside the box". Silly marketing campaigns and unnecessary tech can often create more buying obstacles for your customers.

At the core of these 10 retail philosophies is humanity, and what makes it so great.

Use these simple, yet ultra-effective methods to keep your prepaid customers coming back to you for life.

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