Wireless Zone is Showing Philadelphia the True Meaning of Brotherly Love

July 14, 2016 Patrick Antinozzi

wireless zone verizon philadelphia

Philadelphia is an iconic city of many personalities, both famous and infamous.

From the passionate and intense sports fans to the downright sloppy, delicious cheesesteaks, it's safe to say Philly embraces their blue collar heritage.

One thing is for sure, they appreciate a great customer experience.

And thanks to Wireless Zone, the largest Verizon authorized dealer in America, those beautiful customer experiences are alive and well in the "City of Brotherly Love".

Wireless Zone was founded in 1988 by Russ Weldon in Wethersfield, CT.  Originally known as The Car Phone Store, the company quickly gained popularity as the go-to local destination for all things wireless.

Having a more personal, localized experience really resonated with consumers at a time when wireless technology was typically only available from big box retail outlets.

After establishing a successful franchising strategy, the company grew at an incredible rate. 

Flashing forward to 2016, here's just a small sample of what customers in Philly are saying about them:

wireless zone verizon review

Taking a customer from being "ready to explode" to a "happy customer" is no easy task.

Especially when they are upset with your company...

Gabrielle received not just one, but two defective phones within short period of time. That would drive anyone bonkers, and make them questions why they should even bother with the business in question.

Allysea was "professional, knowledgeable, and patient" in her dealings with Gabrielle, and helped turn her from an angry customer into a happy one.

Lesson learned: Put yourself in your customer's shoes. When taking the brunt of frustration from a customer, it's easy to become defensive and react aggressively in return. Human tendencies... Stay cool, be patient, and really look into why the customer feels that way, and what you can do to fix it.

wireless zone verizon review

Sounds like Zach is a cool dude. Or as Isaac put it, "super chill".

Zach didn't make Isaac feel like he was simply being pitched to by a salesmen. Even when Zach was "persistent" in selling a phone case, it was never to the point where Zach felt intimidated.

Of course, to accomplish this, Zach had to know what he was talking about. Thankfully, according to Isaac, he was "very knowledgeable".

Lesson learned: Know your stuff. I mean really know it. Don't just memorize a sales pamphlet, be an expert. You'll put your customer at ease with your extensive knowledge, and you will be more relaxed and confident in your abilities.

wireless zone verizon review

"I'm glad I shopped local."

There's a massive misconception out there that local retail is dead due to competition from big box stores and online shopping.

The reality is, consumers love shopping local.

People are tired of the cut and paste boredom big box retail offers, and online shopping only works for some categories. Customers remember experiences, and no one has a better chance at offering memorable ones than local retailers.

Domenic received this experience, while his coworker got lost in the massive labyrinth of big box retail.

Lesson learned: Embrace your smallness. Wireless Zone is one of the largest Verizon resellers in the country, but each local dealer brings their unique, personal flair to their local community. Make connections on an individual basis. 

Finally, let's take a specific look at Adam, who appears to be the owner of at least one Wireless Zone location in Philadelphia.

wireless zone verizon review

wireless zone verizon review

wireless zone verizon review

Sounds like the CEO of Verizon owes Adam a phone call!

As a business owner and manager of employees, it's clear Adam is leading by example.

Being flexible to meets customer's unique needs, building lasting relationships, and showing true appreciation for his customers are just some of the things Adam is doing right.

Lesson learned: Lead, don't boss. If you're in charge of a team of humans, don't boss them around or give them a to-do list. Show them how it's done. They'll learn from your example, and be inspired to imitate it.

wireless zone verizon review

If you're in the hunt for a new wireless dealer in Philadelphia, and in need of a little love, Wireless Zone has got you covered.

And if you work for a wireless dealer, use their stellar example to improve your customer experience:

  • Put yourself in your customer's shoes
  • Know your stuff
  • Embrace your smallness
  • Lead by example

Keep your customers coming back for life!

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