Virginia is For Customer Love Thanks to Communication Nation

November 17, 2016 Patrick Antinozzi

communication nation boost mobile review

The state of Virginia's official slogan is "Virginia is for lovers", and it would seem that Boost Mobile dealer, Communication Nation, has taken that to heart. (pun absolutely intended)

Glowing reviews of satisfied CN customers are easy to find.

Take a quick glance around Facebook, and you'll find all of their locations have a minimum average of 4 out of 5 stars.

Let's delve deeper into why customers are feeling the love in Virginia.

communication nation boost mobile review

Sounds like Tiffany is a regular customer here, as she talks about "always having a great experience" and remembered the name of the sales rep that helped her.

And it's no wonder she keeps coming back, based on the description she provided.

Christian was there to help Tiffany solve her problem, first and foremost. He didn't simply try to sell her the most expensive device. He patiently answered all of Tiffany's questions, and helped her "figure out what (she) wanted".

Lesson learned: Strive to meet the unique needs of your individual customers. Let them do most of the talking, and listen well. Everyone appreciates being noticed and acknowledged.

communication nation boost mobile review

Sounds like Perla left quite an impression on Stoney, as he referred to the service he received as "the best I've had... in my whole life". (side note: what a name!)

Perla helped Stoney take advantage of every special they had to offer. She saved him money by informing him of the sale they currently had, and even "threw on some extras" that saves him more cash every month.

In order to do that, Perla had to be well-versed in what her company had to offer. Products, services, plans, sales, and specials... If she wasn't, Stoney wouldn't get the best deal available to him, and he'd likely go elsewhere to find it.

Lesson learned: Know your stuff. Be an expert. Know what you're selling inside and out. Only then will you be fully prepared to solve the unique problems of your customers.

communication nation boost mobile review

Sometimes, it really is as simple as being friendly.

These days, we're accustomed to preparing ourselves for a fight anytime we need to deal with a business. "Nothing ever goes the way it should", we tell ourselves.

We expect the worst. We're tense when we walk into a store, on the defensive, bracing ourselves for battle.

To encounter the opposite is like a breath of fresh air when we're used to nothing but smog.

Chad got that feeling, and Communication Nation is now his "go-to store".

Of course, pricing and knowledgeable reps help as well!

Lesson learned: Smile, be enthusiastic, have fun. Positivity is infectious. Spread it like the most beautiful virus in the history of the world.

Can we have some of that love, CN?

The examples of happy customers sharing their great experiences at Communication Nation goes on and on.

Perhaps Virginia came up with their slogan after witnessing the customer love CN was dishing out...

One thing is for sure, that love doesn't need to be exclusively contained within the states borders.

You can learn from the customer service lessons CN is providing. Meet each of your customers unique needs, be an expert, and have fun while showing warmth and enthusiasm.

Then, perhaps we'll be writing about you next!

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