Ultimate Wireless' Customer Service is the Star of Hollywood

April 13, 2016 Patrick Antinozzi

ultimate wireless verizon los angeles

Ah, Hollywood. Land of the rich and famous, the wanna-be stars and the shouldn't-be stars. A place where putting your best face forward at all times is considered a must.

While many are focused on themselves, finding ones who focus their attention and energy on helping others is like finding a diamond in the rough.

Ultimate Wireless is a Verizon Premium Retailer based in Los Angeles and, if the online reviews are any indication, we're pretty sure we've found our diamond.

How does Ultimate Wireless stand out from the pack? Let's look to the customers to find out.

ultimate wireless los angeles review

Mina chose this location based on her brother's recommendation, who also brings his entire family. Clearly he had some great experiences here.

The team at Ultimate Wireless made sure Mina walked out with the same fantastic experience, as she felt the need to leave a review for "others to see and come here". Even though that location didn't have the phone she was looking for, the manager located it and had it shipped to them asap, making the wait more bearable for Mina.

Lesson learned: No fish is too small. Treat every customer with the same level of care and attention. Give everyone an experience worth talking about, because you never know who their connections are. One customer can quickly turn into 10.


ultimate wireless los angeles review

Eric arrived at Ultimate Wireless with the bitter taste of poor service in his mouth. Not only was he leaving a competing carrier because of the poor experience he received there, he also had just come from another Verizon location, discontent and unsatisfied.

Needless to say, Eric was looking to be wowed.

It was immediately clear to him that this was going to be a very different experience. The team at Ultimate took their time to "break down all the aspects of their plans and services", making Eric's options much clearer. Even though they didn't have the phone he wanted in stock, they made sure it arrived the very next day.

Lesson learned: Not all wireless dealers are created equal. Eric had already been to another Verizon location, where his experience was terrible. You may have the same name on the door, but remember that people are ultimately buying from you, a human being. Leave your mark.


It's clear that these were not one-off experiences either. Scroll through Google and Facebook and you'll find a meteor shower worth of stars...

ultimate wireless verizon los angeles

ultimate wireless verizon los angeles

The takeaway

Focus on giving every customer the attention and care they deserve, and never forget to be human. It's a simple recipe for success that will help you stand out from the pack.

With businesses like Ultimate Wireless in town, perhaps Hollywood is not as disingenuous as we thought...

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