Spotlight Series: Going Beyond the Call with Atlantic Wireless

April 30, 2020 Alex Bramos

Our own Jacqueline Olson recently sat down with Atlantic Wireless CEO, Brandon Tate, and Director of Sales & Development, Keith Ingram.

Spotlight series: Going beyond the call with Atlantic Wireless

Atlantic Wireless, a 16-store US Cellular Agent with stores in North Carolina and Missouri, is a value-driven organization that prides itself on fostering a world-class customer experience. Their associates and their customers sit at the center of the business and they are notorious for being an innovative bunch.

"We want to be uncommon in the marketplace." - Brandon Tate

In this two-part interview, Brandon and Keith give you exclusive access to their playbook and get specific on tactics they've implemented to keep business moving during the quarantine.

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Part 1

Brandon assembled a task force and challenged Keith's team to be more innovative than any other agent or corporate location in their areas. Faced with a new challenge, part of their strategic focus included 1) keeping their associates safe and 2) continue to drive sales.

"We closed the store down temporarily but, thanks to Statflo, we were able to move that customer base to another store and we still can serve that community." - Keith Ingram

Atlantic Wireless used Statflo to drive four unique programs:

  1. Curbside pickup and home delivery
  2. A work-from-home plan for front-line associates
  3. An optimized staff schedule using Statflo activity data and RQ data
  4. Identification of unproductive associates to offer real-time coaching

Part 2

What we learned from Brandon and Keith

Curbside service will be a mainstay in wireless retail

The quarantine has amplified consumers' appetite for convenience, and the wireless industry is not immune to these new expectations. Curbside and delivery services have enabled Atlantic Wireless to outperform their peers during this downturn. The key is to provide your customers with choice, not just in products, but in different ways to order and fulfill them.

Optimize staff scheduling

Retailers need to staff their stores to near perfection. Reducing the risk of infection both in stores and in queues will keep your associates and your customers safe. Margins are already thin enough, so you can't afford to have an overcrowded store.

"You want to be lean, not skinny - there's a difference."

Brandon and Keith combine outreach activity data in Statflo with sales data in RQ to staff their stores right. This way, customers aren't waiting impatiently to be served and Atlantic stores aren't overstaffed.

Turn to your customers and your associates for answers

Your customers are the best source of real-time feedback, and your associates on the front line are typically the first ones to hear from them. Using the feedback from both groups, you can diagnose the good, the bad and the ugly and identify opportunities to create a better customer experience.

Spotlight series: Going beyond the call with Atlantic Wireless


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