How TEAM Wireless Earned 20x ROI Through Customer Outreach

July 24, 2019 Alex Bramos

If you run a customer outreach program, you know it’s harder than ever to break through the noise and connect with customers and leads.

That's where personalized one-to-one customer outreach comes in. If you do it right, you’ll stand out and connect with your customers in a more personal, authentic, and localized way. 

TEAM Wireless, a 52-store Verizon Authorized Retailer, prides itself on the relationships they have with their customers.

They learned that their existing customer outreach efforts were not well-received by guests and lower-than-expected ROI made it appear that outreach programs don't work.

Understandably, they wanted to strengthen existing relationships rather than push customers away so a personalized, one-to-one approach was in order. Their key objectives with their personalized business text messaging program were:

  1. Improve their current outreach program by making it guest-receptive
  2. Get their employees engaged and excited about customer outreach
  3. Leverage promotions and trades to speed up the upgrade cycle

Here's our full interview with Dan Phee, COO at TEAM Wireless, who explains why and how he rolled out Statflo to his stores.


TEAM Wireless before Statflo: The leadership team needed data to prove that their outreach campaigns triggered an increase in store traffic and purchases.
Getting sales associates excited about outreach: Getting associates to call customers can be daunting. By having the ability to send localized text messages before calling, employees were able to reach up to 40% of their customers. Using Statflo, the team improved the ROI of their outreach efforts through text marketing. 
Coaching TEAM Wireless to success: Statflo worked with the leadership team to get their district managers and associates up to speed quickly, and ultimately hold everyone accountable. 

Results: TEAM attempts to reach 90% of their lists by the tenth day of every month. Having strong field engagement enabled them to generate revenue through text messaging outreach which resulted in a record 20x ROI within the first 90 days of rolling Statflo out to their stores.


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