How Nycom Wireless Became the King of Queens

August 19, 2016 Patrick Antinozzi

nycom wireless verizon review

In a place as large as New York City, it's easy to get lost in the sea of noise and beautiful chaos.

And the same goes for the businesses of the Big Apple. With the shear amount of options your customers have, your business has to be extra memorable to keep them coming back to you.

If you're looking for an example to follow, look no further than Nycom Wireless in Queens.

Nycom Wireless is a small authorized dealer of Verizon, and they're using that smallness to their advantage. (and to the benefit of their customers)

Look around the world wide web (people still call it that, right?) and you'll find an endless supply of glowing reviews from overjoyed customers.

nycom wireless verizon review

Let's look into why these Nycom Wireless customers are so stinkin' happy.

nycom wireless verizon review

Yah, who does do that anymore?

Consumers are starved for that personal touch. Mass consumerism combined with modern technology has all but robbed us of the human side of retail.

"Jerry and team" are bringing back.

As we've mentioned time and time again, the customer's experience shouldn't end when they walk out the door.

A simple follow up call works wonders on leaving a lasting, memorable impact on your customers.

Lesson learned: Follow up. Every time. Yes, you made the sale, but it doesn't end there. Focus on building a lasting relationship by genuinely solving your customer's problems. They'll come back to you the next time they need to purchase something. Guaranteed.

Teddy, you rule.

Teddy understands that trust is the biggest part of a customer relationship. (or any relationship for that matter) And one of the best ways to establish trust is with knowledge.

When you prove yourself as an authority on a topic, people will hang on your every word.

Teddy went "above and beyond" by not only showing his extensive knowledge of his industry, but of the local area as well.

Carissa was new to the area, and needed some help getting around. Teddy was all over it!

Lesson learned: Know your stuff, and then share it. For free. Give away knowledge. You'll establish yourself as an authority figure, as well as display your generosity, and eagerness to help solve problems.

nycom wireless verizon review

Something particularly interesting can be found in this review.

While it's true that consumers have more choice than ever before, many are not quick to abandon their loyalties to brands.

This is especially true when dealing with wireless carriers. It's a massive pain in the rear to switch and wireless providers.

This means that, as a wireless dealer, you have a massive opportunity to earn a customer's loyalty.

GK had big issues with Verizon in the past, and yet still remained as a customer.

Now that she has found a dealer she's very happy with, do you think she plans on going anywhere else?

Lesson learned: Loyalty needs to be earned. Fortunately, it's not too hard. You just have to be human. And use tools that help enhance those human qualities, not replace them.

Whether you're large or small, you can offer a experience your customers will not soon forget.

Nycom Wireless offers a great example of a small, local business making their impact felt, even in city as massive as New York.

As a wireless dealer, somebody who works for one, or any retailer in general, you can learn a lot from their fantastic customer service stories.

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