How Clearwest Turns Unhappy Customers Into Loyal Ones

November 27, 2015 Patrick Antinozzi

Store: Clearwest Solutions

Carrier: Telus Mobility

Location: 9518 Ellerslie Road, Edmonton, AB, T6X 0K6

As much as you would love to have every customer 100% satisfied, sometimes that's simply not possible. When there are things that are unresolved, the customer relationship is at risk and can lead to negative reviews getting posted online.

It's what you do at this point that makes all the difference.

Clearwest Solutions is a TELUS dealer located in Edmonton, Alberta. We found two incidents where a customer was unhappy for a variety of reasons, leading them to post a negative review on Yelp.  

An upset customer is an opportunity to earn back trust. How did Clearwest handle it? See for yourself.

yelp review of clearwest solutions gary c

From 1 star to 4! Clearwest clearly managed to earn back Gary's trust and confidence, which led to a positive endorsement.

Often, a simple follow-up to explain the situation is all that's needed to earn back a customer's trust. Lorraine took the time to write a positive review and celebrate how it was handled.

yelp review of clearwest solutions lorraine a 

What's impressive is that the managers got involved right away and the customer obviously felt that their business was valued.

Lesson Learned: Mistakes happen. We're all human, and so are your customers. How you handle the situation after a negative experience is what counts. Make sure your customers are happy when they leave and, if they're not, do everything you can to turn that frown upside down.

Take Action:
Whenever there's an incident, here are 3 key questions to address:
1. What exactly is the problem?
2. What is the solution to the problem?
3. In addition to solving the problem, what action can you take to make the client feel valued?
Also, don't forget to keep close watch on review sites like Yelp. Online reviews can make or break you, so when you see a negative review pop up, make every effort to contact that person and fix the situation. 

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