Great Customer Experiences Has Iowa Voting For Cellular Advantage

April 1, 2016 Patrick Antinozzi

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While America debates over who would be the best choice for the next President of the United States, the people of Iowa have already made their choice loud and clear.

They're voting for Cellular Advantage.

As an exclusive national retailer of US Cellular headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, Cellular Advantage is providing stellar customer service in over 20 stores spread throughout 4 states.

What makes them so special? Let's ask their customers.

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Bailey dealt with someone named Michael, but noticed that it wasn't just him that was exceptional at his job. The entire team at this location provided "amazing" support, prompting Bailey to claim she "won't go anywhere else".

Lesson learned: It's always a team effort. In order to have a unified front of great customer service, important processes and procedures need to be established from the top down. Managers and supervisors need to maintain and nurture this environment for continued success.

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At first glance, we see a simple one sentence statement on the quality of Cellular Advantage's customer service. But if we look a little closer, we see another lesson we can learn from this awesome team.

Notice the conversation that takes place underneath Tera's review? It's clear that Blake is not just a team member at Cellular Advantage, but he has also built a personal relationship with his customer. He mentions how great it was to see her and "the kids", and she replies by asking about his.

Lesson learned: We've mentioned this many times before because it's so crucial. People buy from people. As a sales rep, you're in the business of selling yourself more than any other product in the store. Get to know your customers as humans, and don't be afraid to show them who you really are.


cellular advantage review

Something else Cellular Advantage excels at is presentation. Too many wireless dealers undervalue the importance of having a professional website. In this day and age of Googling everything that comes to our minds, your website will often be the first interaction you will have with potential customers.

Cellular Advantage clearly recognizes this, as the website they've built is beautiful, easy to navigate, and comes with its very own blog. (another tool many businesses neglect)

All of this comes together to create a great customer experience that leaves lasting impressions and keeps customers coming back. If you're looking for a wireless dealer in Iowa, you'd be hard pressed to find one that stands out more than Cellular Advantage.

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