Connectivity Source is Filling the Streets of Austin With the Sound of Happy Customers

March 10, 2016 Patrick Antinozzi

Austin, Texas is known as a mecca for live music, with festivals like SXSW energizing the city every year.

But music isn't the only thing you'll hear in the streets of Austin thanks to Connectivity Source, an award-winning Sprint Preferred Retailer.

You'll also witness the sights and sounds of thousands of happy customers, exiting these stores with a new found appreciation of what real customer service should be.

A quick glance through Yelp will tell you exactly why these customers are so delighted.

connectivity source sprint review 1

Reidi, like so many of us, hates to be without his phone. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the problem, the "tech" at this location had to take it from Reidi for about an hour to attempt to fix it.

Fortunately, he was able to repair it within that time. He then helped Reidi download an app to his phone that would greatly reduce the likelihood of him being without his phone in the future, should another problem arise.

Lesson learned: Always listen to your customer's unique needs. For whatever reason, Reidi hated leaving his phone with others. The representative took that into account, alleviated his concern, and provided an option to avoid having to repeat that in the future.


connectivity source sprint review 2

Think all wireless dealers are equal? Think again.

Sabrina had gone to previous Sprint dealers, searching for help in setting up her new phone, only to be turned away with lazy and canned responses.

But at Connectivity Source, they like to do things differently.

The rep here not only helped Sabrina with her phone that she had just purchased from them, but he also helped her friend, who hadn't even purchased anything. (nor planned to)

Lesson learned: Think of your customers as human beings, not walking wallets. Show empathy and work to solve their problems. It proves that you actually care, and that you have the knowledge and skills to solve their problems, guaranteeing they return to you when they experience their next one.


connectivity source review 3

Molly may not have had the chance to tell Sprint how well Sara tended to her needs, but that didn't stop her from telling the rest of the world!

Sara knew how important this new phone was to Molly, so she was proactive in contacting her as soon as it came in, and even hand delivered it to Molly at her work.

"If only all the Sprint shops I've dealt with were as customer service oriented!"

If only, indeed.

Lesson learned: Be proactive. Don't wait for problems to develop before taking action. Anticipate the needs of your customer and solve their problems before they are even aware of them.

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